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Our down and feather

Thanks to a world-renowned exceptional know-how acquired from one generation to the next, our manufacturer factory has beautified goose and duck feathers and down for more than 150 years with the same exigency.

Rich of this craft heritage and of the technical knowledge of its best workers,

We have innovated and created a new quality of down, the “Legend 1859”.

Essential in this search for excellence, the basic material is a duck down from the Pyrenees, selected among the finest suppliers from the South-West.

We are Ethic

In order for a DOWNPASS audit to be successful, breeding farms are subject to both unannounced and announced inspections: cage-rearing and force-feeding are not permitted, and sourcing feathers from living animals is forbidden.

Appropriate housing, sufficient supplies of feed and fresh water, protection of animals against illnesses and natural predators as well as specialist staff to care for them are the basic prerequisites for passing the audit.

Furthermore, DOWNPASS-audited farms cannot employ parallel production methods. This includes keeping water fowl for the purposes of sourcing feathers and down from living animals as well as the production of foie gras.

The animals also may not be transferred to any other farm for this purpose.

We are Ethic

The DOWNPASS-audited companies, stand for ethically sourced down and feathers. 

Green First

Green first® anti-mite natural herbal treatment: lavender, lemon, eucalyptus. Sustainable performance even after several household washes at 90 ° C.

Confidences in Textiles

This label certifies that no substance used in the manufacturing process can harm human health. Pyrenex offers two levels of guarantee for products with certified casing or packing, but also exclusively for 100% products OEKO-TEX (envelope + packing).

Premium quality :

The inflating power (“fill power” or “CUIN“, for “cubic inches per ounce”) represents the thermal insulation capacity of the down, by the “imprisonment” of a certain volume of air.
The CUIN is measured in the laboratory: one measures the volume of a sample of down placed in a cylinder, and subjected to the standardized pressure of a piston.


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